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Olivia Loewy, Ph.D. and Associates (OLA) was founded in response to an unmet need.  In the past decade, public systems of healthcare have undergone massive and rapid change resulting in an alarming lack of connection, coordination and communication between the “real world” of county/community behavioral health and those responsible for raising the next generation of providers.  Increasingly diverse and expanding client populations, reworked documentation requirements, and ongoing system transformation stemming from new legislation, funding and technology necessitate changes in treatment philosophy and practices.  Educators, supervisors and clinical managers are sometimes simply unable to keep up.

OLA offers training courses, educational materials, consulting and customized programs that focus specifically on lessening the disconnect between the evolving systems and the providers who participate in them.  State of the art programs and services provide the assistance needed to update current knowledge and skills, as well as anticipate and prepare for future changes.


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Mission Statement

Olivia Loewy and Associates brings together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to supporting the needs of the public behavior health workforce.  We develop resources, educational materials, and training courses that are relevant, affordable, and pragmatic.