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Consulting and Customized Services

Olivia Loewy, Ph.D. and Associates brings together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to supporting the needs of the public behavioral health workforce.  

In the past decade, public systems of healthcare have undergone massive and rapid change resulting in an alarming lack of connection, coordination and communication between the “real world” of county/community behavioral health and those responsible for raising the next generation of providers.  

Broad, sweeping national changes have been implemented somewhat differently in each state.  In California, the incorporation of specific updated policies and procedures has varied further still in response the unique needs of each county.   And in most counties, community agency contractors are encouraged to develop programs and services that respond to the needs of a designated treatment population.  

OLA consulting and customized services focus on the development of relevant and useful community connections.  We will work with you to develop tailored training, forums and programs that promote meaningful connection, collaboration and communication to achieve seamless systems of community care. 

  • We will assist your school in formally and conscientiously developing the kinds of relationships with placement sites that give your graduates “an edge” when they are seeking Associate positions.   
  • We will assist your agency in training and preparing graduate students for placement in your agency.
  • We will assist with the development of specialized training for educators and grad students to enhance their competencies in working with specific populations or unique documentation procedures.
  • We will foster an understanding of the bureaucratic requirements and how they impact the process of growing the workforce:  the agency; the county; the state; the school; the regulatory board.  We can assist  strategic planning efforts that take all relevant regulations and requirements into consideration


Olivia Loewy and Associates are available for presentations to your group that pertain to national and state public behavioral health systems of care.  

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