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Text Acknowledgements


This text is the outcome of a truly collaborative process.  Olivia Loewy and Associates (OLA) formed a working Committee of six who were drawn together by a strong love for – and commitment to – the California public behavioral health system.  Individual Committee members brought diverse perspectives into the process based on their own unique experiences, positions held, number of years in the system, levels of education and cultural backgrounds.  True to the inclusive and respectful spirit of the evolving public systems of care, all input and ideas were welcome and next steps were jointly determined as the project moved forward.  For almost two years, Committee members learned from each other, energized each other, worked hard and had a lot of fun.  The “sensational six” Committee members:

  • Margaret L. Avineri, Psy.D., LMFT is Senior Director of Integrated Clinical Services & Quality Management at Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. 

  • Jasmeet Bhullar, M.A., Registered Associate MFT is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds utilizing truly diverse methods. 

  •  Susan Davis, M.S., LMFT is the MFT Intern Program Supervisor for the Department Behavioral Health at the County of San Bernardino. 

  • Olivia Loewy, Ph.D., LMFT is the founder and Executive Director of Olivia Loewy and Associates (OLA), a consulting company that brings together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to supporting the needs of the public behavioral health workforce. 

  • Cassidy Manton, M.S., LMFT is the program manager for Chapman University’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program. 

  • Mary M. Read, Ph.D., LMFT is the Director of Clinical Training for the Master’s program in Counseling at California State University, Fullerton.

Contributing Authors:  In addition, the content of this book has been enriched by the contributions of several subject matter experts who generously submitted chapters to enhance the scope and depth of this work.  Chapter titles and brief excerpts from the author bios follow: 

Mental Health Services Act:  Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Rusty Selix, MHSA co-author

 Conducting Therapy in the Community Based Organization

  • Joseph Janowski, M.S., MFT Registered Associate obtained his degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in the Recovery Model from California Lutheran University in 2016.

  • Bethany Simmons, Ph.D., LMFT is also a licensed professional counselor, AAMFT Approved Supervisor and Assistant Professor at California Lutheran University’s M.S. Counseling Psychology-Marital and Family Therapy Program.

Conducting Therapy in the Integrated Care Setting  

  • Randy Gallamore, M.A. is a doctoral student in the Medical Family Therapy Program at Saint Louis University.

  • Kristin Ross, M.S., PLMFT is a third-year doctoral student in the Medical Family Therapy PhD program at Saint Louis University.

  • Lauren Wilson, LCSW is a doctoral candidate in the Medical Family Therapy Program at Saint Louis University.

  • Max Zubatsky, Ph.D., LMFT is an Assistant Professor in the Medical Family Therapy Program at Saint Louis University. 

Recovery-Oriented Crisis Assessment and Management of Suicidal Clients

  • Jennifer Vargas Pemberton, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy Program at California State  University, Northridge.

Clinician Professional Identity

  •  Deborah Buttitta, Psy.D. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AAMFT approved supervisor.

  •  Diane Gehart, Ph.D. is a Professor and Program Curriculum Coordinator in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at California State University, Northridge, and has a private practice in Agoura Hills, California.

Employers:  Beyond a formal submission of content, we acknowledge the input of employers who graciously provided valuable consult from the “real world” in the Chapter titled Employers: What Are They Looking For?  Thank you to the contributing counties, agencies and individuals listed below:

  • Bonita House – Lorna D. Jones, M.Ed., MBA

  • Casa Pacifica – Steve Elson, Ph.D.

  • Child and Family Guidance Center – Kathleen Welch-Torres, Ph.D.

  • Clinica Sierra Vista – Christopher Reilly, LMFT

  • Didi Hirsch Mental Health Centers

  • Foothill Family Services

  • Hillview Mental Health Center - Eva McCraven, Ph.D.; Julie Jones, LMFT

  • Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles County

  • Placer County – Steven Swink, LMFT

  • Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara, Inc. – Lisa Moschini, LMFT

  • San Fernando Valley Mental Health Services Inc. – Michele Shepherd, LMFT

Consumers:  And without direct input from consumers within the system, we would be failing to provide essential guidance from those whose words matter the most – the recipients of our services.  Thank you for your contributions:

  • Renee C

  • Maria V

  • Faith I

  • Linda B

  • Kristen S

  • Michael M

  • Michelle S

  • Alberto O

  • Joseph C

  • Christian B

  • Lydia A

  • LaVerne

  • Vivian L

  • Emilia A

  • William N Virginia M

  • Jerry S

  • Mayra G


It is the willingness to share and participate by all of those listed above that turned this book from a concept into a reality.  OLA is grateful to all.