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Book Reviews

Quoted below are comments from educators, students and providers who have already had a chance to use the book.

Christine L. Tippett, LCSW, LMFT
Adjunct Professor

This tool provides a useful guide in graduate training of future community mental health providers. I regularly utilize it to help my students in the MFT graduate program at the Sacramento campus of the University of San Francisco. I would not want to use any other text.

From Christine’s students:

* The facts in the text were helpful.

* Discussion questions were pertinent (we used them to stimulate small group discussion that was then brought back to the whole group for sharing). 

* The history of community mental health was very informative

* It is a good length (not to lengthy for the course).

Christopher Reilly, LMFT
Chief of Development & Strategic Partnerships
Clinica Sierra Vista

Wonderful Resource!

I used the book at clinical supervision and found that the questions for thought – it took just one really – to open my eyes up to the fundamental basic need for understanding community mental health, that new graduates simply hadn’t heard before: “How can identifying a clients’ strengths early in treatment impact the way you feel about them ?” The question also let others in the supervision group offer something of value to help the newcomers feel more at ease with even the concept of a “recovery” based relationship with their client.

I imagine lots of good to come from this book.